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Rebekah's Senior Pictures

Rebekah asked me to take her senior pictures.  

image from www.flickr.com
I don't do that picture-taking business, for money, for people.  I don't do let's-meet-at-6-and-hope-the-sun-is-just-right, and I really stink at flash photography and indoor lighting and fake poses.  I'm more of a hey-I-have-the-camera-with-me, look at that dappled light, kids, get out of the van, quick! kind of gal. 

For some reason, though, when Rebekah asked, my mouth said yes, sure, I'd love to. 

image from www.flickr.com

It's just that Rebekah likes Michael Buble and Jesus and writing, so I like Rebekah.  She's my type of gal and so if she wants me to take her senior pictures and if God will stop the sun in the sky just right, and if all the pictures can be taken outdoors... 

...yes, sure, I'd love to.

image from www.flickr.com
I was  nervous the days before we went out on our little photo "shoot." Shoot,  I've never done a photo shoot before.  All the what ifs? went through my mind.  My mind can be quite ridiculous.

image from www.flickr.com

As with most worries, I didn't need to worry.  God blessed us with not only a beautiful 17-year-old whose inner beauty shows up in her outer beauty, but He also blessed us by holding the sun in the sky just right. 

image from www.flickr.com All I had to do was click a button.

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(Photo-) Shooting Alpacas

I had a great time shooting alpacas at the nearby farm about a week ago.  The gun?  My Nikon D40 with its big ol' lens. 

Me Taking Photos at the Alpaca Farm copy by you.

They are such graceful creatures.  I'd hug the entire bunch of them if I could, but they don't much like being touched, so were pretty skittish around me.  In the shot above, I'm about as close as I ever got (that's Alpaca Farm Girl's daughter by my side - she's 6 and she got into quite a few photos.  I can't resist photographing a cute kid, as you well know).

The Alpaca Farm Girl posted a few of my photos on her blog yesterday.  Keep checking there, and you just might see all 650 of them! ;) (I told you the secret to good photos is taking a zillion shots.  It's my secret anyway...until I get good enough to just snap a few instead of a few dozen...hundred).

It was a wonderful way to spend a sunny February afternoon!

It's Weird. It's Entertaining. It's Cheap.

Every now and then, our kid does this...

Day Six 01/06/2009 The Frozen Army Man by you.

He gathers assorted army men, puts them in different positions in a container, fills it with water, leaves it overnight, and then...

Freeing the Frozen Army Man

...then, he whacks at the ice block with a knife, sprinkles it with salt, and excavates the frozen army man.

It's weird.  It's entertaining. It's cheap.  

And so, we let it be.
Freezing army men?  Uh, huh, that works for me!


My Project 365


Day One 1/1/09 New Year's Day Resolutions  Day Two 1/2/09 Rose the Cat  Day Three 01/03/2009 Embroidery Designing  Day Four 01/04/2009 Wildflowers from the Kids  Day Five 01/05/2009 me

I'm doing Project 365. 

Do you know what that is?  The concept is simple. Take a photo a day for a full year.  That's it!  You can use your camera phone, little point and shoot camera (that's what I used for the shot of me at the computer on Day 5, above), big fancy camera, old 36-photos-per-roll camera that have to be developed (Lord, have mercy!)...who cares, as long as you shoot one photo per day. 

After going through my 2008 photos the other day, and discovering how therapeutic it is to realize that the year was filled with happy memories, not the junk I remembered most, I decided to challenge myself with Project 365. 

Taking a photo a day has to be good.   Besides the therapeutic effect, I'll hopefully learn more camera buttons than No Flash and "A" for Automatic and I'll have a photo to represent each day of my 2009. 

That latter reason is a Big Deal reason to me.  I am all about the memory-making, the moment-capturing.  Life is lived too quickly to not capture the bits we may.  Wouldn't you love having a photo a day of a  year in  your grandparents lives?  I know!  That would be way too cool.

Want to join me?  All you need to do is...take a photo every day!  Really, that's it.  But if you're on Flickr, you can also join the Project 366-1 group where you can show your photos off and pretend you're accountable to someone. 

At the top of this post are my first five photos of 2009.  I don't want to clutter up this blog with a photo posted each day, so I'll just post a favorite now and then and remind  you to go to my Project 365 page if you want to see all of the snapshots. 

I think my favorite photo for this first week is of Rose, our Little Gal's kitten...

Day Two 1/2/09 Rose the Cat by you.

I didn't plan on taking a photo of her.  I was shooting other stuff when she walked up to me with the stereotypical curiosity of a cat.  She walked away as soon as she heard the 'click.'  Fussy.

Send me a link to your Project 365!

~ Lori

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My 2008

Here is a bit of what we did in 2008...

2008 - my year in pictures

This year was not the greatest year for us.   Hard times, discouraging times, were scattered throughout the year.  I have been eager to see 2009, if no other reason than to just be rid of 2008.  Or so I thought.  After looking through my 2008 photos to create the above mosaic, I saw what fun, what memories we had this year!  What a wonderful year after all!

I created this photo montage with Big Huge Lab's help.  If you have a Flickr account, and if you create a mosaic, too (I hope you do), please leave us a comment with a link so we can see it!

~ Lori

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p.s. Frantically Simple, I know you have one!  I told you I was going to copycat your idea! ;)

Summer is Sunsetting

The public schools went back into session a few days ago, and the days are getting shorter.  It looks like Summer is on its way out...

I don't really mind that; I prefer 75 degree days, I prefer my garden growing again, and I definitely prefer that the gigantic-sized bugs hibernate under logs or wherever they hibernate so I don't have to see them.  Not that I'm super squeamish, but it gets tiresome after the 101th bug squish.  Of course, giving them live to the chickens is rather entertaining.... okay, I'm sorry, I suppose that's not a pretty image for you visual types.

Anyway, quite a few Summer weddings take place on the bluffs overlooking our magnificient sunsets.

On one June Saturday, I saw three weddings at the same time, in separate areas of a local bluff. Hopefully, no guest found himself or herself having to choose which wedding to attend!

I hope your Summer has been as pretty as mine, and I hope yours has been less gigantic-bug-filled.  Are you happy, too, though, that Autumn is on its way?