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Our Ballerina, the Cow II

Here are some photos of our ballerina as her costume was being fitted.  In the Jack & the Beanstalk production, our ballerina was the front of the cow (and later, a cloud).  Another gal had the (not so lovely) task of being the back of the cow.

The girl

image from www.flickr.com

The half-girl, half-cow

image from www.flickr.com
The cow (without its backside!)

image from www.flickr.com

Psst, go to "Our Ballerina" to see some new shots I added to that post.  They're much prettier than these cow photos!

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This is Not a Ballet Blog, but...

This is not becoming a ballet blog, I promise. But dance is definitely what's on my mind these days, and it will be until our ballerina's final curtsy Tuesday afternoon. So, for the next few days, I've post-dated some recent ballet photos of our gal.

Ballet Pointe Shoes

After the final curtsy on Tuesday afternoon I'll probably be good for nothing more than sleep.

Then, on Wednesday I'll remember that Thanksgiving is only a day away.  And then I'll panic.

But, today, I'm not remembering that.  I'm thinking only of Performances #2-5 and all the chauffeuring I have yet to do.


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Today, I Am...

  • Chauffeuring...the ballerina to practice after practice, and
  • Chauffeuring...the teenager to teen thing after teen thing, then
  • Wondering...why I'm losing touch with "me"
  • Realizing...that with all this chauffeuring, I'm not taking time to fill "me" up, so I'm
  • Planning...some "me" time this week for...
  • Crocheting...a secret for someone for Christmas
  • Reading..."Writing for the Soul" by Jerry B. Jenkins
  • Photographing...cotton fields
  • Writing...something or other
  • Thanking...the two little ones for not asking me to chauffeur them as well

image from www.flickr.com 
What are you up to today?

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Pretty Paper Products

Oh, sure.  She can look sweet enough.  But when the UPS guy brings two big boxes full of bright, coordinating, absolutely delicious paper products from Carolina Pad's Eye Candy line...

paper product review  Carolina Pad Product Review

...why, then, the sweet little thing turns into an eye-batting, sly-smiling preteen who takes more than she could possibly need

Carolina Pad Review 4 by you.

 and almost more than she can carry.  Never mind that the address label clearly says my name on it!

Carolina Pad Product Review

Those packing up a box for me us were so generous that I was able to keep a load of stuff for myself, too, and our little gal grabbed a few things for herself.  The boys didn't want anything, lucky us. 

I won these pretty goods just for writing a little comment on Carolina Pad's Facebook fan page.  I absolutely meant every word I said (something about finding myself wanting to pay the bills,  work on school planning, write a novel? - just so I could use their pretty paper stuff). 

I very much wanted to win.  You see, I'm the gal whose heart palpitated two days ago as my man and I walked into Staples to fax something boring.  The task was suddenly so not boring the moment we stepped into the store and I  breathed deeply of that ink and paper smell - oh, my!  Never mind that boring fax, there were things to look at: pink and green highlighters I don't need, sticky notes I already own too many of, and, goodness, they have the cutest binder-clip-things these days, sold by the cup!

Lucky for me, really, lucky for my man -- I'd already received this incredibly generous gift from Carolina Pad, so I didn't purchase anything.  I'm set for the rest of the year.  I mean, I thought I was set for the year, until this little scoundrel claimed half the stuff for herself. 

Carolina Pad Product Review by you.

She doesn't even look sorry.

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My Little Corner is (sometimes) Debate-Free

My man and I were listening to the endless debate-and-argument-fest on the cable news channel tonight when I said something about it being endless and debating and argumentative.  My man said, "Yeah, it's not very...you know, just, pure, lovely. 'Whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, think on these things.'" (quoting Philippians 4:8)

That made me sort of snicker, that he'd say it like that, but it's true - the news, when it's not really helping us out, isn't the best thing we could be doing with our time.  I know, it's good to keep up. But we can catch up with the news in about 5 minutes each day by reading a favorite source online.  And then, with the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day, we can listen to the children endlessly debate and argue instead of the news panelists.

When I turn off the news, I notice my little corner of the world.  Here is what my corner looked like last week when the children and I went on a boat tour with 20-something other kids and 2 biologists:

Photos by Lori Seaborg, 2009

In this bay, we saw 7 wild dolphins.  7. Wild. Dolphins.  I cannot describe to you how beautiful that was, nor could I get a photo of them.  They wouldn't hold still.

Photo by Lori Seaborg, 2009

Unlike the dolphins, these little things did hold still for a photo, and so did that water! 

Notice: no bickering.  Learn from the little kids, news people.

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