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My 2010 Project

I haven't been around much, thanks to herniating a disc in my upper back (those gel-filled cushions between our spine bones, so I've learned since). I hurt it by doing nothing more exciting than stretching awake one morning two weeks ago.  I wish I had a better story, but that's it.  Well, that and years of poor posture.

It has made sitting at the computer difficult, but, although both a pain to have and painful, it's not too bad when compared to much worse things like kidney stones and living under rubble for two weeks. 

Since that thought ends the pity party I had planned, I'm thinking of what I can do on my 2010 Project while sitting ramrod straight all day long.  The four areas of my 2010 Project are: health, learning, income, writing.  Here's what I've come up with to do while I can't move well:

  • Health:  Learn good posture while sitting.  I should have worked on that a decade or two ago! Since physical exercise is out for a while, I'm also working on eating mini meals every 2-3 hours.  I have a tendency to skip breakfast and meals, which has made my metabolism sluggish, so they say.
  • Learning: The children are still able to work on schoolwork, although at a lesser load since they have to take up my chores, too. 
  • Income: Freely Educate was my concentration in January.  It has been doing very well (it's my wee-income-generating blog).  I take 2-3 hours each Saturday to post for the entire week so I don't have to think of it the rest of the week.  It was a blessing to have a week of posts done when I hurt my back!  Also, the Census Bureau called and hired me to work for them for 8 weeks this Spring, starting in late March.  I think it sounds like a fun, short term adventure. 
  • Writing: For some reason, although writing is my favorite area of the four in my 2010 Project, it's the one that gets shoved to the side.  For a week in January, I wrote every morning, but it was of a journaling sort.  I'd like to write with a goal in mind.  You know, like a book goal (gasp! did I really say that out loud?), or an article goal.  Right now, writing is hard because of my back injury, so I'm scanning journal pages into Microsoft's program, OneNote. 

If you're working on a 2010 Project, too, please share an update with me, in the comments or on your blog.  I'd love the inspiration!

p.s. The image is of my friend, Jodi, and I kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico.  I can't describe to you how relaxing that was, out there with my good college friend, our (many) babies safely on the beach with their daddies. Digging up that photo reminds me to stop being so impatient and let my back heal.  I want more kayaking moments with my friend when she next comes to visit.

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