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Can't stop the guitar...

My fingers are numb and sore all at once, a weird feeling, but I just can't stop this fun new obsession of mine. I even got my man strumming this afternoon.  We'll have to get a guitar for him, too.  It looks good on him.  Of course, the kids each want a guitar, too, but they'll have to wait until I'm a better teacher.  At this point, I can't yet even figure out how to hold it without it slipping around.

If any of you want to learn how to play a guitar, too, I thought I'd share an awesome site for free lessons. 

I'm on this lesson, the D chord (as you can see, below, it's the first lesson, so, um, yes, my progress is mighty slow):

Justin Guitar

My fingers don't look like that.  Mine look like big lobster claws clasping onto a bit of driftwood.  I keep telling myself that if I can learn knitting, which also felt incredibly awkward at first, then I can surely learn how to strum a guitar!

Anyone else in?

Why not?

I can't think of a single reason not to try, so I bought this thing Wednesday afternoon while in the city...

My Guitar

The rocker-fella who helped me pick one out was nice enough not to suggest I need the most expensive thing in the shop.  Instead, he directed me to a beginner guitar and taught me how to shop for guitars ("look it over"). 

Jeff asked my determination level, on a scale of 1-10.  I said, "10."  My man smirked.  I didn't think his smirk was funny, but he knows his wife well.

my guitar

But, see, the thing is...I am determined.  I'm always determined at the moment that I want to learn something new.  It's just that I'll either reach a point where I say, "there, I did that" and never pick it up again (scuba diving.  I'm not really into pitch dark, deep underwater.  It's death-defying, so, yipes, been there, done that.), or, I may dabble in it now and then if I kinda-sorta liked it (quilting is an example of that, for me...by the way, that's my Grandma's quilt she hand-stitched for her wedding over 65 years ago under the guitar.  love it!).

It's always worth trying, because occasionally, rarely, something captures me so solidly that I don't ever put it down.  Photography is one of those for me.  And blogging.

So, why not try out guitar playing? 

Maybe it will stick and I'll become a guitaring gal, taking it everywhere.  Just think how romantic it would be to strap a guitar to my canoe and sing by a campfire on the sandy riverbank. 

Or maybe it will just be a fine-looking wall ornament.  I'm okay with that.

my new guitar

So now I'm curious about you. What new thing are you trying out?  I might need to pick that up, too.