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First Day of Spring

On the First Day of Spring (+ 1 day), we had a party in our backyard to celebrate all things Spring-y. 

When you send out 45 invitations, if you are like me, you hold your breath, hoping that even just one says "yes," but we only had 2 decline, so it was a great turnout, which gave me both great happiness and a great heartattack at the same time. 

1. peekaboo, 2. lifevests, 3. turtle, 4. thinking, 5. baskets, 6. swimming, 7. swinging, 8. dressing, 9. gear

I recently read a blog in which the writer said she often doesn't realize how great a time it was until she later sees the photos.  At the time, she (and me) worry over whether everyone else is having a good time that we hardly enjoy the moment for ourselves.

I relate so much to that.  When I saw the photos and the many smiling faces (you aren't seeing those, except of my children, in case any mamas don't want their babies' faces online), I realized how much fun it all really was.

But at the time, although I thoroughly enjoyed it with half of my self, the other half was fussing over whether the water had run out, if anyone touched the poison ivy in the woods, if anyone was too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too....anything. 

1. canoeing, 2. feeding, 3. flowery, 4. happy, 5. chick, 6. easter, 7. swing, 8. kayaking, 9. sandy

But enough of my obsessions.  About the party...

This is the first time I've been brave enough to do something like this, but it will definitely be an annual (if not bi-annual) tradition for us.

It was a very easy party to host, in that it was a backyard party and so God decorated and the river and the baby animals entertained. We had baby ducklings, baby chicks, baby bunnies, and even a baby turtle that we found in the river the day before.

There weren't a lot of activities planned, as I love a casual party, so the only 'organized' thing we did was a little Easter egg hunt, complete with melted chocolates in the plastic eggs (darn), and we all took a little hike across four lots to the neighbor-artist's house to see the horses that he will soon be exhibiting in a museum

Next time, will you come, too?  I'd love to add you to the list of people I obsess over making happy.

A Good Morning

I donned my favorite apron this morning.  

Apron donned, the first thing I did was sneak out my bedroom's back door (God bless the builder who thought of that door) to check on the garden.  If I don't sneak, I have 4 little people follow me out and then we get distracted and our day never starts with chores and schoolwork as it, sigh, must. 

So, anyway, I snuck sneaked out the back door to check on the garden because we had the most outrageous storm last night and I was sure that all of our seeds must have bounced out of the soil and over the raised beds to their doom.

I was so very very pleased to find this instead...


Also peeking this morning (what is it about a God watering that is so much more effective than a garden hose watering?) are spinach, red lettuce, and mustard babies.  And one brave sweet pea baby.

I did chores, while I was out there, just so you know.  I mowed. 

Well, okay, my lawnmower mowed.

April doesn't mind hard physical labor.

Our Angora Goat (aka The Lawnmower)

When I finally snuck sneaked back into the house, I found the children busy at their chores.  Even though I was exhausted after all that mowing, I couldn't help but get busy, too...

Oh, come on, you know knitting is work.  And Googling important stuff is work, too. 

Shots: An Afternoon in Our Back Yard

Our Valentine's Day didn't go as planned, so we had to stay home instead of going to a skating party with friends. 

We had fun anyway...

(tip:  click on the photo titles at the bottom for peeking at individual photos)

1. Warmth & a Giggle, 2. A (future) Sweater, 3. Hockey Demo, 4. Flower the Pygmy Goat 5. Digging, 6. April the Angora Goat, 7.  A (future) Camo Scarf, 8. Swinging, 9. In the Tree Fort

Photos by Lori Seaborg, February 14, 2008