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Giveaway & Craft Book Review: Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses

I was recently given a beautiful craft book to review:  Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses (and I have one to give away!  Hang on a minute; let me tell you about it first...). 

The book has over 25 patterns for t-shirt dresses for little girls.  Wait, even if you don't sew much!  Here is what I really really like:  the dresses all begin with a t-shirt.  All you do is add the skirt material and embellishments.  And they are cute.  


Even though the book's patterns are especially for girls aged 2 to 8, I find the patterns easily adjustable for my 10-year-old.  Even just using the concept is helpful!  

The book is a glossy, quality paperback with full-color illustrations and photographs throughout, including a 12-page T-Shirt Dresses 101 tutorial. 


To Learn More about Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses:  Visit

To Purchase the Book, or to View Pages:  Visit the Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dresses page on Amazon (if it's still out of stock, visit the publisher at Sixth & String Books

To Enter the Giveaway of one book shipped to one winner for free:  Enter the information into the entry form below.

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Giveaway! $20 Walmart Gift Card: What Would You Print with HP XL Ink?

Walmart and HP are two of my favorite companies, so when I was given the opportunity to do a review with them and a giveaway, I accepted, of course!  With a Walmart store only 4 miles door-to-door from our home (we've walked it!), we find the low prices and close proximity to home convenient.  I recently walked into our local Walmart to pick up a few items.  As you well know, Walmart carries just about everything, so my purchases were varied...

With $75, I purchased a whisk, pencils, packing tape (and plenty of it!), and a 2012-2013 planner in yet another attempt to organize myself.  I also purchased three much-needed cartridges of HP 564 XL printer ink.  Here's my shopping haul (except for two printer cartridges, since I needed them just that badly). 

HP printers have been my favorite printers for years.  I currently have the HP Photosmart Plus which can wirelessly print - scan - copy.  Our children enjoy the touchpad, as there is a Quick Forms area, where they may print out games, a maze, music paper, notebook paper, and more.  I enjoy the scanning capabilities and the wireless printing. 

Since I like my printer so much, I do not enjoy running out of ink, so I purchase the XL ink cartridges which fit into my printer just like regular cartridges.  With the XL, I save up to 40% on printing  compared with single standard HP ink cartridges and based on average retail pricing (actual prices may vary).

HP's XL ink cartridges are available at local Walmart stores, where I purchased mine, and now we can also go to Walmart's HP Supplies Finder for all our HP printing needs. 

Guess what?  You can win a $20 Walmart gift card to enjoy your own shopping haul and try out the HP XL printer ink, too!  We want to know: what would you print with your new ink?

To enter, comment below like normal, then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  No information will be used or shared without permission.  Only the winner will be contacted and permission requested before sharing his/her email address with MomSelect, the sponsors of this giveaway. 

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Disclaimer:  I received a $75 Walmart gift card as part of a promotional program with MomSelect to purchase the HP XL cartridge and items photographed.  All opinions in this post are absolutely mine and I promise to only recommend  items I would  purchase with my own money. ~ Lori-        

If You Like Fishing, too...

like these kiddos do...

image from www.flickr.com
...go visit my FreelyEducate.com blog where a nice little family fishing company is giving away a free package of bait (like shrimp, mullet, etc.) for FREE to everyone.  They're generous. And maybe a little crazy to do that. But nice. 

It'd encourage them if you got the free bait and/or entered the giveaway for a big package of fishing stuff (you're welcome to do both).  Don't know how to fish?  Clint, the father of two who owns Winner Bait, says he's very happy to help you learn how.

Here's the link:  FreelyEducate.com fishing giveaway

Oh, and if you're reading this before 12pm (noon) on Saturday, September 4th, you can also enter my giveaway for THREE winners who will each get to order a 16"x20" canvas print of your own photo, copyright free artwork, a map.....


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I Finally Printed My Favorite Photo (& a big giveaway!)

image from www.flickr.com

Finally!  I printed out my favorite photo of our 5yo holding her Daddy's hand.  It's the only photo I've captured that is named.  ("Security.")

UPrinting.com gave me the opportunity to try out their printing services by letting me choose a 16x20 rolled canvas print.  It was a delight to use them.  I had a free proof done, twice, to get the sizing right, and even chatted late at night to someone on their site (yes, about printing, of course). The canvas is heavy-weight and the quality is just beautiful.  I'll definitely be using their company again, as the pricing is good, too. This 16x20 print would have been just $20 + $5 handling + free shipping.

If you'd like to print one of yours, too, see if you are lucky enough to win my giveaway over on Freely Educate.  It's super easy to enter!  Updated:  They're letting me give away THREE.

Don't have a single photograph you'd like to see in a big 16x20 size?  Then how about copyright free artwork, maps, the ...Gettysburg Address?

Anyway, go enter.  It encourages me and makes the sponsor like me.  :)  Thanks!


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Giveaways On My Other Blog

I don't often mention one blog on the other, as they are So Very Different, but since it's back-to-school season, I thought I'd mention that I keep giving away stuff on my other blog, FreelyEducate.com

Today's giveaway: A $20 gift certificate and free shipping from TruthQuest History

Next week's giveaway: A $25 Staples gift card (I'll try to remember to remind you)

Another week's giveway: A free 16x20 canvas print from UPrinting.com.  I'm waiting for my review print to arrive - so excited about that!

That blog is not my passion, but it's my little, wee, work-at-home business.  I have a series of posts in my head on niche blogging for a little extra pocket change.  Interested?  Let me know if you are, and maybe I'll get it out of my head and onto paper screen for you!

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Free 6' American Presidents Timeline Poster (in the mail) @ Freely Educate

If you homeschool, check out the post I just published on my Freely Educate blog. C-SPAN will mail you a free 6 FOOT long American Presidents Timeline Poster.  Go to FreelyEducate.com for more info.

Thought I'd mention it to you all, too, since these offers are sometimes limited!

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GIVEAWAY! $25 Gift Certificate (ended!)

We received a fun tote recently from a  company called LikeWear.  With its large size and zippered top, our tote works well as a fun library bag.   With its Ring Pop, Push Pop and Baby Bottle Pop artwork, it often tempts us into taking a drugstore-candy-aisle stop on the way home from the library.  Here's our tote:

LikeWear $25 Giveaway and Coupon Code

LikeWear wants to offer one of you a $25 gift certificate to their online store.  You can buy a tote like ours, or you may select from the many children's clothing choices, for both girls and boys.  I'll give you more details on the giveaway in a minute, but first, here is more about LikeWear from the founders:

LikeWear®, the first and only company to focus on selling licensed apparel and accessories via the Direct Selling channel, is a modern day fusion of a fun, boutique children’s clothing line and more traditional party plan direct sales companies (like Mary Kay or The Pampered Chef).  We provide a flexible and financially rewarding way to earn money or have a career selling a unique line of children’s clothing and accessories that feature products, brands and other stuff moms and their kids really like.  Hence the name LikeWear!

From modern day and vintage package art, to exclusive designs and unique twists on popular culture, we’ve created more than 100 images featuring family friendly brands like Wheaties, Trix, Tootsie Roll, Dots, Honda PowerSports and many others.  To make things really interesting, we use a just-in-time manufacturing process and encourage our representatives to help their customers mix and match our images with different body types and color ways.  By doing so, we hope to truly fulfill the promise of our tagline, “wear what you like”.

If you'd like more information on how to become a sales rep for LikeWear, go here.

EVERY READER may receive 25% off LikeWear products through July 10th, 2010 by using  discount code JUSTPURELOVELY.  Just type it in at checkout for 25% of anything in the store (except for sale items).  Don’t forget to hit “apply code”.

ONE of you will receive a free $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE to the LikeWear store.

Want to enter?  You may enter a few different ways:

1. The Easy Peasy Way:  Say you want one in the comments below.

2. Tweet this giveaway.

3. Facebook this giveaway.

4. Blog this giveaway.

Only one entry per method per day, okay? That would equal 4 entries per day (one entry per method x 4 methods = 4 total, got it?). And, only US addresses this time (sorry!).  Random.org will select the winner.  Deadline:  Sunday, June 13, 2010, at noon CST.


Yay, I'm delighted that Marsha won!  Congratulations, Marsha!

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Giveaway. From Hallmark. To You. (or you)

Hallmark sent me a couple of journals and a passle of cards from their Kids Collection a couple of weeks ago.   I posted the giveaway for 2 sets to my FreelyEducate.com readers, but had to save a bundle for a Just Pure Lovely reader, too (you're welcome to enter and win both!).Hallmark journal1 
From Hallmark:

So, it goes without saying that everyone needs to be cheered on now and then – kids included. Whether it’s school, sports or trying to make new friends, the children in our lives are on a journey of growth and self-exploration. Few things are more helpful to kids than the support of a parent or grown-up who believes in them and is there with a few heartfelt words of encouragement.
But sometimes, what kids hear “goes in one ear and out the other,” meaning that kids are often missing out on something they really need: encouraging words. In fact, Hallmark research revealed that the moms they surveyed think they are encouraging their children all the time, but in the moments when their kids most needed encouragement, the kids didn’t feel like it was there.
To help grown-ups better connect with and encourage kids, Hallmark recently introduced the all-new Kids Collection, a line of cards and gifts designed specifically to cheer kids on, cheer them up and make them smile. You can check out some of Hallmark’s Kids Collection. There, you’ll see a sampling of the gifts and cards that are available for grown-ups to share with the kids in their lives. Within the line, there are cards appropriate for children falling within your kids’ age range, so I thought it might be something you’d like to share with them for their feedback.

Hallmark card2 

So, want some  stuff, too? As I said before, Hallmark is giving away a JOURNAL and a BUNDLE of CARDS to one of you (you get to choose if you'd like the journal for a girl or a boy)!

How to Enter?  You can enter a few different ways:

1. The Easy Peasy Way:  Say you want one in the comments below.

2. Tweet this giveaway.

3. Facebook this giveaway.

4. Blog this giveaway.

Only one entry per method per day, okay? That would equal 4 entries per day (one entry per method x 4 methods = 4 total, got it?). And, only US addresses this time (sorry!).  Random.org will select the winner.  Deadline:  Thursday, April 15th, 2010, at noon CST, so you'll have time to finish your taxes afterward.  Right?

p.s. Hallmark is offering a free Kids Collection card to all of you.  You'll have to go to a Hallmark store by May 30, 2010.

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Congratulations, Ann!

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