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Two Cool Freebies You Might Want to Know About

I don't normally let you in on the freebies that I highlight over at my other blog, FreelyEducate.com since you can just go there if you're interested, but I've highlighted two particularly good ones this week that have appeal to everybody, not just educators, and I don't want you to miss them:

  • Amazon is giving away a free computer game (Bejeweled-like) AND, for your whopping $0.00 purchase, you get a credit of $5 in mp3s.  I did the deal tonight.  It's legit.  Now I have the agonizing problem of choosing which songs I want for 5 bucks worth of credit.
Amazon Offer for Free Game and $5 Credit in mp3s  
  • Thousands of museums across America are giving away 2 free tickets to each household for admission on Museum Day, September 26, 2009.

Free admission to museums

Both freebies have expiration dates.  Amazon's is August 31st.  I'm guessing you may have until Museum Day, September 26, to download the free museum tickets.