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4° On Setting Priorities and Then Being Okay with Them


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One recurring thread in my life - and a lesson I've had to relearn a time or two - is that  to be content, I must know what my top priorities are, and I must do those priorities.  The priorities have changed over the years so I have to reassess them every so often. 

Quite a long time ago, I learned a valuable lesson on realizing my priorities.   Several years after that, life moved us over a state border, our children were no longer babies and toddlers, but busy school children, and I was invited to work with several women on a huge speaking and writing project.  I became overwhelmed again, until I realized....my priorities. 

Since I've learned that hard lesson twice over the years, I'm very protective now of my time.  My husband is my barometer*. He knows how well I am handling what I'm doing, and how well I will handle more. 

But even though I have a human barometer and even though I know I need to maintain my priorities, life's bumps, hiccups, and requests keep me off course much of the time.  That's when I have to pull back, reassess where I am at the stage in life vs. where I'd like to be, and recreate my priorities. 

My priority 'accounts' are:

  • God
  • Me
  • Husband
  • Children
  • Home
  • Business

That list, and the order, hasn't changed much over the years, but the specifics change according to what I know I need to do in an area. 

For this season, at least through the end of Spring, I know I need to work on the following, in each account:

  • God account: I need to actually set aside more time on purpose with God, whether in nature, through copyworking the Bible, or by praying.  I should do this visibly, so the kids learn by osmosis.
  • Me account:  I'm tracking my food and doing quick strength exercises every morning.  In the evenings I'm home, I'm walking with, right now, no distance or speed goal, but simply with the goal of creating a habit of walking daily.
  • Husband account: We're going on a date each week!
  • Family account:  There are areas (as always) that are going good, and there are areas where we're slipping up.  While keeping the good, I'm trying to straighten out the trouble areas, which are primarily in homeschooling (little one needs to read more, middle one needs to switch to a more challenging math plan).  Other areas of concentration:  reading aloud every night possible to our little gal and spending one-on-one time with our little guy, who is now 12, but still loves to hang out with just mom (at night, 'talking time'), or with just dad (playing basketball together). Our teens need freedom, but with the security that I am there when they need me.
  • Home account:  We will keep up on chores; always remembering the goal of making our home a refuge.
  • Business account:   My husband is able to be home now, working with me on my (completely-a-surprise-success, started as a pay-it-forward project!) business.  He's the CFO and a right good one, because if it wasn't for him, I would not know a profit from a loss until a check bounced.  This category is the one that has changed the most for me, as it replaces past accounts like 'tending to baby' or 'teaching gardening classes' or 'meeting up for play dates every other day' or even 'crafting and creating as much  as I possibly can.'  This account, for now, even takes the place of spending a lot of time with friends.  I work 2-3 hours a day on the blog, which is not much, but is enough that I do have to prioritize.

Even though I like freedom, and permission to chase butterflies, having goals helps me live life on purpose, making sure I'm fitting in what's most important to me.

Do you keep a priority list?  What does yours look like?


* Definition of Barometer:

: an instrument for determining the pressure of the atmosphere and hence for assisting in forecasting weather (ie. Lori's calm or storm) and for determining altitude attitude.

Setting Priorities &  Then Being Okay with Them is the 4th degree of my 360° Project. I hope you'll join me on this journey!


3°: On Accepting an Invitation to Play

She's 8 today.

And I'm ridiculously sad about that.

You see, today is her last day to be eight years old.

I've gotten a bit too busy with the "shoulds" again. Lately, I've done what I "should," doing what is right in front of me (the dishes), what is on the calendar (the ballerina's lessons), and what is urgent (guests visiting). I've also spent more than a bit of time on my little business.

"Mama, do you want to play Legos with me?" she asks. "Do you want to take a picture of me in the tree?" "Do you want to make something with me?" And, most often, "Mama, I got some paper ready. Do you want to come draw with me?"

Sometimes I do those things, but most of the time, I only stick around for a minute or two before dashing off to do something more important.

This evening, I grumbled to a friend about our little girl asking me to play with her.

I grumbled. about playing. with my little girl.

What in the world am I thinking?! Here I have the blessing of a beautiful little girl, a bright, healthy one, who is artistic, and funny, and giggly. I only have her for a moment, really, then she'll be grown and gone and....

....too busy for me.

Tonight, she wanted to chat before bed, but it was already midnight and we'd been out past ten at the parades and I was t i r e d and so I said, Baby, please. Please let me just say goodnight. "But I want to talk to you," she said, "I don't get to talk to you at night like [our teenagers] do."

And it hit me that she's feeling a bit neglected. Mind you, we homeschool and so we are literally with her almost every minute of every day, but she wants something more than physical presence. She wants a bit of attention, a listening ear, a mommy or brother or sister or daddy to play for a while.

Today is our little girl's last day to be eight. She said "people should always have the last day before a birthday be a special day, since you'll never be that old again."

So today shall. So it should be!


~Lori SeaborgAccepting a child's invitation to play is the 3rd degree of my 360° Project. I hope you'll join me on this journey!


2°: Living Life on Purpose, with Memory-Making in Mind

Honestly, I've had a pretty hard time with this writing assignment. "My most meaningful moment in the last year?" I cannot think of any one thing that stands out.

2011 wasn't, honestly, a very memorable year. There were beautiful moments in it -- our trip to North Carolina where the kids found a tiny patch of snow (aMaZiNg to Southern kids), our beach days in May with college buddies and their 7 children, river parties in the Summer, the holidays -- but no one moment stands out.

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I spent much of the year in an analytical frame of mind as I built my other blog into a thing that helps my husband stay home with us (what fun to have him!). I'm really happy it is doing well for us, and that definitely was a meaningful project, but I missed so much of what we used to do in our days.

 I missed spontaneous beach days, reading on the couch, nature journaling, knitting more with our daughters, asking the boys to teach me something manly like slinging their shot. I missed the freedom of a loose schedule, but more than that, I didn't choose to live my days memorably. I missed the mom who would make sure a memory moment was stuffed into each day.

This year, 2012, I want to live more meaningfully. More on purpose.
My schedule cannot be quite as loose as it used to be, but it can be managed to allow for plenty of 'free play.'

Choosing to live this year with meaning and purpose is the 2nd degree of my 360° Project. I hope you'll join me on this journey!

Are you living your life on purpose, making memories each day?

In the conversation box below, tell me what your most meaningful moment was in the last year and how you're going to live this year. When you tell me, you'll be entered for a chance to win one of 10 complete skin care Anti-Age Systems from Meaningful Beauty.


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1°: 15 Days of Walking Toward Better Health

In my last post, I wrote about my 360° Just Pure Lovely Project, where I'm making 360 decisions, one degree at a time, until I have completely turned my perspective around, 360°. When Quaker told me about their Quaker Heart Health Challenge, I knew it was the perfect motivation for the first degree.

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I have reached an age where staying fit and healthy is no longer a happy subconscious occurrence, but something I actually have to work on and think about. Over the past decade of child-raising, I've let the priority of my health slip while I worried over the health of the kids.

I recently read, "You cannot give what you don't have."  I cannot give motivation, if I am not motivated.  I cannot give inspiration if I'm not inspired. I cannot give love if I do not have love.  And I cannot give me, if I have no energy or health in me.

It's time for me to become healthy! For the next 30 days, I'm committing to something simple:  I will walk or kayak at least 15 times in the next 30 days.  Hold me to it!

Would you like to join me in the Quaker Heart Health Challenge?

Joining the challenge is my first step toward becoming a healthier me.   I hope you'll join me!  Start by telling us what motivates you to stay healthy?

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360° to Just Pure Lovely


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I have been overthinking again.


For a full year.

A year ago, in one of those delightful afternoon napping-but-not-really states, when the mind is free to wander while the body rests, a concept came to mind:  360° to Just Pure Lovely, or, The 360° Project....360 Just Pure Lovely moments - or decisions - until degree by degree (° by °), I (and maybe you, too?) turn toward Just Pure Lovely thoughts.   At the end of the project, thoughts will be naturally more just, pure, lovely, than not.  Hopefully.

In that dreamy state,  thoughts are a bit random and fragmented, so I have spent literally all year procrastinating trying to piece together the fragments.  

Today, I listened to someone speak about how we just Need to Do That Thing....The thing we know we're supposed to do.  And I know - I've known for a year -  that I'm supposed to do this whatever-I'll-call-it....360° Thing.

Typical me, I have been overthinking the 360° Project until I nearly killed it with questions.  So, tonight, rather than wait until it is thought out all perfectly, I present these muddy, confusing thoughts as the introduction to my project:  360° to Just Pure Lovely

As time goes on, ° by °, I hope I will know what it is, and why I'm supposed to be doing it.  Meanwhile, I'm not procrastinating anymore!  Degree by degree, I'll begin posting about my 360° project. 

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*Philippians 4:8

p.s. I just learned how to make the degree symbol, so I cannot resist using it a bunch -- How? Hit alt+0176 and it appears!