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An Update on My Sanity Manifesto

On January 30th, I wrote that I'm working on my little sanity manifesto and I'd "share it with you soon," but I guess two months isn't "soon," because it's not ready yet.  

        I've tried.

I'm frustrated and angry after an early morning phone call, and so the world outside my French doors looks ugly and grey. There's nothing I can do about what bothers me, but I can improve my mood, and so I seek beauty. Anywhere, somewhere, I need it so. I

I have tried.  But in February, our ballerina was very ill on a very important, long-planned, expensive-and-paid-in-full trip to dance at Disney World

She came home, got better, started doing schoolwork again, life was getting back to normal, and I started working on my little manifesto again....

...and then the flu bug hit.  It hit hard.  We were down for 10 days with high fevers, coughing, and weakness.

What's ironic is that the manifesto is supposed to help me in times of insanity to find peace, but I can't find enough peace to create it.  

        Isn't life too often unkind like that?

But, sickness, rain, dreary days, and the devil himself can't stop me.  I will win. 

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Have you written yours?  Here's where I got the idea.