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Here's a Free App to Help Couples Stay Connected (I really like this one!)

"If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you." - Pooh  My husband is currently taking classes four evenings a week, as well as working at his management job.  With all of that, he is working or in class at least 70 hours each week.  Meanwhile, I'm in the busiest parenting phase I've experienced, with three teenagers and a 9-year-old sending me from wind ensemble to ballet to hiphop to archery...

It's hard for Tim and I to find time to talk in person these days, even to just say "I love you." 

And so, we text in little snippets throughout the day, but the thing about texting is that it's so blah-looking and impersonal.  My biggest peeve about it is that after sending something important to each other - recently, our teen's license permit number for insurance (ack!) and a date to an event - it's hard to find the information again.  I will scroll, scroll, scroll to find the old text with the information to resend it to Tim. 

We don't lose only scheduling information, but also the "I love you" moments.  I take a screenshot sometimes of a particularly sweet text, but then it's lost among my thousands of photos.  

Well, guess what? There's an app for that!  The new app is called Twytx and it is free!


Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, this is the perfect time to ask your Valentine to try Twytx with you!  The app lets you chat, share photos, keep track of a shared calendar, and create lists, securely, privately. 

The two greatest things about Twytx are not that we can share a calendar and lists - we can do that with other apps, too - but that everything is in one central location and that we can keep track of our relationship.  I really am excited about it because with our extremely busy schedule, Tim and I are in danger of setting our relationship aside for this time.  And that's not why we got married Besides, I become a stressy, soppy mess if I can't connect with him - he's my solid rock - so with Twyxt, we can keep track of how we feel as well as share our busy lives with each other. 

Here are the main features of Twytx: 

  • Couples Calendar:  This is my favorite feature, as the calendar creates a photobook from our messaging stream.  I love keeping track of memories!  Twyxt-CalMonth-2
  • Private Messaging: We like the Twytx messaging center.  It not only looks good, but it also has two fun additions to it:  Urgent and Freeze.  Freeze "casts a thin layer of ice over your partner's screen, making them work to talk to you."  So when Tim freezes me as a flirtation, or to cool me down (okay, that's usually the reason), I have to tap my screen to 'break the ice,' which gives me time to think - and cool.  It only takes a few seconds to break the ice.  Urgent is a handy feature, because it not only sends Tim a message through Twytx, but also an email (optional).  
  • MoodSharing: We are not only able to share normal emoticons with Twytx, but also bigger, sweeter ones like "In Love" or - for me - "Stressed!"
  • Shared Lists: This is another favorite feature of Twytx.  I'm able to create, for example, a grocery list, and Tim can edit it or cross items off in real time.  This help us keep track of what is needed while we're already at the store, or what the other already purchased. 

Since we are so busy with this parenting and work phase, I'm thankful modern technology helps Tim and I stay connected.  I like Twytx for us since everything is in one place - calendar, lists, texts - and our memories are preserved. 

To Learn More about Twytx, Visit them here.  "Twyxt is a private, intimate and useful app for capturing and celebrating a couples shared life together”  says Tyson Verstraete, Life Of Two Co-Founder and CEO.  “Twyxt cuts through the social noise so couples can focus on the story they are writing together about their most important relationship."

Download the free Twytx app here. 

Currently, Twytx is available for the iPhone so I use it on mine and my husband uses it on our iPod Touch.  Soon, the Droid version of Twytx will be released, then we can both use it on our phones. 

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