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Invited to Dance at Disney

All fall and winter, our 15-year-old daughter worked on an exciting dance on the waterfront stage in Downtown Disney at DisneyWorld in Orlando, a priviledge extended only to those dance companies who audition and are invited. 

It's a big deal.

We drove hundreds of miles for practices and rehearsals,  paid hundreds of dollars,  massaged muscles, rubbed sore feet, thought positive thoughts when teachers were negative, pushed through blood sugar issues, ate mini meals to keep energy up...and it was going to be The Trip of a Lifetime. kinda...wasn't.

The teachers were stressy, the stage was slippery, dancers tumbled, shoes fell off, and one dancer came even though she was ill with a stomach virus..and it spread through the group like wildfire, to our gal, too.  (don't, don't, don't, please don't send your kid to an event while ill)

Life isn't nice. 


Well, lots of times.

When she spent Monday in a hotel while the other dancers were enjoying DisneyWorld's Magic Kingdom, life was not nice.  It was not nice when I spent 48 hours waiting up, worrying, texting, calling, wondering, praying.  I'm not normally a paranoid mother, but our gal has problems keeping her blood sugar stable, so this illness could not be a more dangerous one to her (please, please don't send your ill kid to an event). 

I wish I had a "but this is why it was worth it" thing to say, but I don't.  I just don't.  At this point, one week from that awful Monday, and now that she is well enough for me to get away to think, I still can't reach the conclusion that the trip was worth it.  It really wasn't worth the money we didn't have but put into it anyway, and it wasn't worth the hours upon hours of rehearsals and driving, and it wasn't worth the stress and worry over whether or not we should take her to the hospital.  

And so, when you're a mom, what do you say to a kid when something so wonderful fails so miserably?

I'm not sure.  

And so I said, "Wow, yeah, life sure isn't nice sometimes. Want to have a movie marathon?" 

#My15yo and I, a few months ago, when she wasn't so ill.  This thing can't beat us; we can kick it!