On Busy Days & Raising Teens
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There's Room for Two

There's room for two. Wanna?

I bet you'll see a lot more of me now.  After months of not being able to get my photos on the blog without taking several long steps to do so, I finally sent a note to Support.  And guess what?  It took only two minutes to ask them for help in order to figure out the problem.

Yet I had procrastinated on asking them for...months.  

There are quite a few unpleasant tasks I have been procrastinating on lately.  

I've been putting out the fires - the things that pop up in a day and scream "Me, NOW!" like, being in time for ballet lessons, or picking up our teen from his job, or buying groceries.

But the things that ground me, that make me me - like swinging on our backyard swing - have been put aside, along with unpleasant tasks that aren't screaming loudly enough (such as contacting my blog's support for help).  

For a couple hours this morning, I worked on creating a little manifesto for my life.  I'm not done; I'll share it with you when I am.  

I'm ready to swing again. There's room for two. Wanna join me?