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On Busy Days & Raising Teens

I have never in my life known busyness as I know it now.  As of yesterday, we have three teenagers in the house.  No, don't say you're sorry.  I absolutely love teens; in fact, they're in my favorite childhood stage so far as a mom.  

But this is also the most exhausting stage.  As I type, at nearly 2am, one of them is still up.  And one goes to work at 7am.  I drive 40-90 miles per weekday to take one to basketball, one to dance, one to work, two to wind ensemble, three to archery...and so on.  

I miss nap times and early bedtimes.  Oh, how I miss those free moments. 

But I would never go back, for I love the moments now.  Yesterday, the same day our third child turned into a teenager, our 17-year-old went across the state line with Dad and came home with this....

PicMonkey Collage

I am so proud of him.  He patiently waited for just the type of car he wanted (something classic) and, when he found it, he paid for it with his own cash.  

I have so many words in my head, so much I want to write, so many crafts I want to stitch or purl, books I want to read, flowers I'd like to plant, but right now...I'm busy investing in three teens who are on the very edge of going out into the world - one in a 1962 Mercury Monterey.

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