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Want to Help a Kid Out?

Say you're looking for a unique Christmas gift - for yourself, or ...someone -  and say you've got a bit of extra change in your pocket, and say you want to help a 15-year-old out with her business idea and ballerina dreams....

I have the solution for you! :)  (of course you knew I'd say that).

My daughter opened an etsy shop on October 1st with her own designs,  hand-crocheted  by herself., well, not a single soul has ordered from her little shop.  All of the items right now are wool, and range from $10 shipped to $30 shipped. 

You get the item pictured; it's that unique.  There isn't another one exactly like it in the entire world -  she likes to move on to a new design rather than create replicas.

Here's my gal:

Pretty Britty Profile Brittany

And here's her shop:


Thank you for visting it, and for favoriting, sharing, tweeting, etc. while there. 

I'm updating this page often....

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