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On Slowing Down

bicycle with flowers
It's mid-October, but I need it to be August still. I had things I wanted to do at the beginning of this school year, things I wanted to do before Summer ended, blog posts to write...people to visit...trips to plan...and now it's mid-October and all I can think about is how fast time is flying!  


When I feel this way, I've learned to step back.  The problem is, we've overscheduled ourselves so there aren't many free hours in our days.  I'm trying to figure out how to step back while not really being able to do so.   


My struggle is not yet resolved, but I know what to do, thanks to many years of practice:




I'm out of practice at slowing down, and like I mentioned, we're overscheduled, but each day I'm doing at least one thing that's slower than normal...


Sunday:  I went on a bike ride under the centuries-old oaks through our beautiful town with my husband -- doesn't that sound grand?  Yeah...things sound grander than reality sometimes - I was embarrasingly out of shape on the (micro) hills and felt wimpy when I overheated in the 89 temp. 


Monday: I let myself be lazy with our girls, watching back-to-back episodes of The Voice.  I also sat down with our 17yo son who is a senior in high school this year (homeschool high school, that is) and laid out his goals for the remainder of 2012. 


Tuesday (today): I'm planning on going to the bay with our little girl, and bicycling in the cooler evening with our 12yo son. 


I'm writing this post as a challenge to myself to continue slowing down.  I'm also writing it to encourage anyone else who is allowing life to whiz by too quickly.  We don't want our children to remember a busy mama who wasn't happy.  

 For them, for ourselves, we need to slow down. 

If you have tips for slowing down, please share them with us!