Aim at Heaven
A Snapshot of a Homeschooling Day at Our House....

These Days are Busy. And That's Okay.

Just two years ago, I protected our family time and homeschooling time with the ferocity of a mama bear guarding her den.  That year, and the years before it, we spent many beautiful family moments together - many chronicled on this blog - nature journaling, taking lazy walks, oyster gardening at the bay, reading aloud from classic books...

On an early August day last year, our second child turned 14 .  The 30 friends who attended her party should have warned me:  this child is social; she's going to make you busy, mama.  

And so now my days are spent going.  Going, going, going, every day.  We go to violin lessons, to swing dances, to ballet class, to hanging out with friends on the patio outside Barnes & Noble long after they close, and to the many events she creates.  Every day, this child wants to go, to see, to visit, to do.  

7908282232_1bee1caeb7_mTonight, I resented going.  I didn't want to drive 37.6 miles roundtrip to an hour of hiphop lessons.  I wanted to stay catch up on blogging, to sketch in my new journal, to sit.  

I grumbled.  

She turned on the Christian radio station. 


After we arrived home, she helped me round up the other three kids.  In just 15 minutes, they had the house clean.  I  relaxed in the recliner and read a chapter and a half of Anne of Green Gables to our 9-year-old as she crocheted the second row of a neon green scarf for big brother's Christmas gift.  I played three rounds of Go Fish! with our 12-year-old.  I taught our 17-year-old how to 'grill' a hotdog in a pan when you can't find the indoor grill. 

And I hugged our busy one as I prayed over her.  

This evening proved to me that even though our days are busy, we can still have precious family moments.  



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