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This Weekend Only: Get the iPhone Photography eBook for $5 (50% off)

As you know, I really like photography (even though I shoot everything on 'auto') and as of March 2012, I really like using my iPhone to take photos.  In fact, I call it "my $199 camera that is also an iPhone." You're already seen many of my iPhone photos....

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It's a bit overwhelming to know which photography and camera apps are best, since there are so many.  I was recently asked to review iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide, written by Alli Worthington.  It is full of beautiful images, along with tips on how to make your iPhone photos pop.  At the introductory price of $5, it's totally worth it!  

Learn more about iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide  and purchase it at the introductory price here. 

On Monday, the price increases to $9.95, which is still worth it, but wouldn't you rather pay $5 and get a good cup of coffee with the other $4.95?! 


This post contains affiliate links, which means I get enough money to buy half a cup of coffee for myself if you purchase the ebook.  But Ionly mention things I really like.  Promise