1°: 15 Days of Walking Toward Better Health
3°: On Accepting an Invitation to Play

2°: Living Life on Purpose, with Memory-Making in Mind

Honestly, I've had a pretty hard time with this writing assignment. "My most meaningful moment in the last year?" I cannot think of any one thing that stands out.

2011 wasn't, honestly, a very memorable year. There were beautiful moments in it -- our trip to North Carolina where the kids found a tiny patch of snow (aMaZiNg to Southern kids), our beach days in May with college buddies and their 7 children, river parties in the Summer, the holidays -- but no one moment stands out.

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I spent much of the year in an analytical frame of mind as I built my other blog into a thing that helps my husband stay home with us (what fun to have him!). I'm really happy it is doing well for us, and that definitely was a meaningful project, but I missed so much of what we used to do in our days.

 I missed spontaneous beach days, reading on the couch, nature journaling, knitting more with our daughters, asking the boys to teach me something manly like slinging their shot. I missed the freedom of a loose schedule, but more than that, I didn't choose to live my days memorably. I missed the mom who would make sure a memory moment was stuffed into each day.

This year, 2012, I want to live more meaningfully. More on purpose.
My schedule cannot be quite as loose as it used to be, but it can be managed to allow for plenty of 'free play.'

Choosing to live this year with meaning and purpose is the 2nd degree of my 360° Project. I hope you'll join me on this journey!

Are you living your life on purpose, making memories each day?

In the conversation box below, tell me what your most meaningful moment was in the last year and how you're going to live this year. When you tell me, you'll be entered for a chance to win one of 10 complete skin care Anti-Age Systems from Meaningful Beauty.


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