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360° to Just Pure Lovely


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I have been overthinking again.


For a full year.

A year ago, in one of those delightful afternoon napping-but-not-really states, when the mind is free to wander while the body rests, a concept came to mind:  360° to Just Pure Lovely, or, The 360° Project....360 Just Pure Lovely moments - or decisions - until degree by degree (° by °), I (and maybe you, too?) turn toward Just Pure Lovely thoughts.   At the end of the project, thoughts will be naturally more just, pure, lovely, than not.  Hopefully.

In that dreamy state,  thoughts are a bit random and fragmented, so I have spent literally all year procrastinating trying to piece together the fragments.  

Today, I listened to someone speak about how we just Need to Do That Thing....The thing we know we're supposed to do.  And I know - I've known for a year -  that I'm supposed to do this whatever-I'll-call-it....360° Thing.

Typical me, I have been overthinking the 360° Project until I nearly killed it with questions.  So, tonight, rather than wait until it is thought out all perfectly, I present these muddy, confusing thoughts as the introduction to my project:  360° to Just Pure Lovely

As time goes on, ° by °, I hope I will know what it is, and why I'm supposed to be doing it.  Meanwhile, I'm not procrastinating anymore!  Degree by degree, I'll begin posting about my 360° project. 

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*Philippians 4:8

p.s. I just learned how to make the degree symbol, so I cannot resist using it a bunch -- How? Hit alt+0176 and it appears!

On 2012 Resolutions

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The first of the year is always an exciting time for me.  Not only is it ... the First of the Year, but it's also the a new birth year for me (my birthday is on New Year's Eve).   Each new year, I jot down some goals, or resolutions, for the upcoming year. 

I have business goals and homeschooling goals, but I also have a few personal goals.  Each of these goals must be: 

  1. interesting to me
  2. improve me in some way

Like a friend said in an email last week, "I never put 'lose weight' on the list because that's always just a big never-ending continual goal of goals and nightmare. sigh."  I'll also add the excuse that losing weight doesn't increase my learning. I already know how, it's the doing that's so hard.

But, quickly, on to other things....

Here's my list of Things to Be Sure to Do in 2012:

  • Set up my new weaving loom - and weave something
  • Spin yarn from fiber with my barely-ever-used spinning wheel
  • Walk more days than not
  • Learn to cook quick, fast, healthy meals without a recipe (like a tv chef!  ...or a hibachi grill guy) Do you have any food blog suggestions, or favorite recipes to help me out?
  • Write every morning.  Something.  Somewhere. (and blog here a few times a week!)
  • Learn the settings on my camera, so I can take pictures when the world is not perfectly lit.
  • Go to the beach every month (because I want the kids to have memories of a year of beach days)

I want to add a few more items, but that's the list so far.  I try to keep it at about 10 items so I'm sure to meet each goal.  And when I accomplish one, like weaving, I often replace it with another. 

Did you make any resolutions, goals, to-do lists this year?  Please share.  You inspire me so.

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