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Our Little Homeschool: Then & Now

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from my 2008 journal, but still so true:

On our first school day, we were ready for school at exactly 8am.  We had textbooks out, the United States flag out, and our students (ages 6 and 4) sat perfectly still at their desks, while the baby ....... ah, yes, the baby.  He interrupted, the preschooler fidgeted and the 6yo was soon distracted.  I realized our homeschool can't be exactly like a "real" school.


Our school day yesterday, about 7 years after that first day, began after a morning of chores and waking slowly. The 5yo was taught how to fry her own egg, baby animals (ducklings, chicks, bunnies) were visited and fed, the 12yo dictated to the 10yo, a little was done on math worksheets, the 8yo read to the 10yo, music played in the background, and at one point (for nearly an hour because we just couldn't stop) we all gathered around the table for a read-aloud of Anne of Green Gables.


Homeschooling has been so much easier and our days have been much less frustrating since we chose to learn from life and good books instead of from what I thought school had to be.


~ Lori Seaborg, 2008


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