How to Cover an Ugly Stool (or, How to Make a Tuffet!)

It's Raining Again. Now What?

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It's raining again.  Not in the way it was raining problems last week and the week before and the week before that, when everything and its cousin decided to break, all in a row. I didn't even tell you yet that our Wii passed away, too, when the internet modem did.  We didn't realize that for a full week, since that was how long I thought of excuses to not start back up exercising on the Wii Active.   Finally, when I talked myself into exercising on it again, low and behold, the Wii was fried.  Lightning struck out house in a magnificient fury one day, sparking off our cast iron chimnea and giving our 10yo a little shock as he stood twelve feet away from the porch overhang (he's fine, it was just a tiny little shock - a wee conversation piece for a full ten minutes).

We thought the sparks and the shock were the thrill of the lightning strike.  Then we noticed that the internet modem was fried.  And, this week, we also noticed that not only was our Wii also fried, but its trusty battery-backup surge protector (harumph!).

Since lightning struck the Wii, we can assume God has spoken.  I really shouldn't work out anymore...that's what I think that meant.

Back to the rain (my, how I ramble when I write at midnight!) -- It's raining every day lately, but not in a depressing sort of way.  It's raining in a coastal, subtropical way, in spurts and bursts, sometimes with the sun still shining, sometimes only in the front yard and not the back, but always for mere minutes until it moves on to rain on somebody else.  It's a fascinating thing.

While it's raining for ten minutes, or two, all in a deluge, whatever shall we do?

That's what I was wondering the other day, when I decided to fix my Land's End woven bag that somehow tore open while performing its duties at the beach.

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I'm glad I didn't toss the bag out, as I considered doing several times.  It was an easy thing to mend.  But because it is now elderly and has stitches, it may no longer go to the beach.

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Now I need another rainy day (or two!) to use up all that yarn.


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