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A Free Online Chore Chart

I recently found out about My Job Chart, so posted it on my educational blog, but thought you'd like to know about it, too.  The following is a rerun of my post....

free chore chart system


To complete a child's education, he or she needs to learn practical skills as well as academic skills, right? Academic skills usually come with motivations such as A+ grades, a teacher's encouragement, or the privilege to participate in sports.  But what motivates a kid to get their chores done?  With My Job Chart, a free online chore chart, you choose the reward that your student or child should receive, while the student enjoys the freedom of increased responsibility. 

Here is more about the program:

My Job Chart is a FREE online Chore Chart that teaches kids to work in a fun and productive way. Using an easy and fun online system, My Job Chart inspires kids to do their chores on time. An interactive point system tracks your child’s progress, creating excitement and enthusiasm among kids. And the fully customizable chore chart allows you and your child to decide upon mutually determined rewards, fostering communication and developing responsibility. You even get an email or text message when your kids finish their chores or they earn a reward!

Signing up for My Job Chart is easy.  You'll only need to use an email address to register. 

free chore chart system 


The Rope

image from 

We found a ship's rope on the rocks of Pleasure Island, right about the spot where there were Yankee and Reb skirmishes (you get the fort, we get the fort).  Meanwhile, in the waters of Mobile Bay, the Union  boats came in to try to capture Mobile, Alabama, led by naughty-mouthed Farragut who said, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"  Sorry for saying that, but that's what he said.  It's historical accurate to quote him.  Besides, I sort of like that word for the times when "Curse the torpedoes" just won't do, don't you?

With such romantic and turbulent and naughty-mouthed history on and off the rocks of Pleasure Island, our ship's rope is an intriguing mystery to me. Oh, sure, it's probably from a shipful of bananas from Brazil (still intriguing!) from 1992, but maybe, what if, it's something far more interesting, like a rope from the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864.  Maybe a rope thrown from the Tennessee as the Rebs hoped to escape their captured ship? 

Okay, okay, when all is said and done, it's. a. rope.  A rope that needs to do ropey things.  So after keeping it coiled up for a few years, we finally thought of a good use for our insanely cool rope: with a really (really) big board it makes a wonderful swing.

image from 
image from


(p.s.  It still smells like seawater.)

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Lately, I've..

...not been blogging much.  Duh.

...been outdoors every waking moment.

...wished, just a teeny tiny bit, for one very small grey cloud to stay for just an hour over our house so I would want to sweep the kitchen floor.  Or mop. Or dust. Or cook.

...taken back that silly wish.  Summer's a-comin'!   It'll be hot and stormy soon enough.

...harvested lettuce leaves, but they were actually mustard leaves.  Hot!

...let the chickens loose everyday so they can find bugs and eat salad (weeds).

...been getting 4 eggs a day from our 6 hens.  Someone is holding out on us.

...watched the puppy grow very quickly.  She's almost as tall as a hen.

...picked up this kid from that and that kid from this.  I'm ready for lessons to end in early May.  Only, really, I am.

...canoed to teach our teen teamwork.  It taught me teamwork, too. 

...gotten into the poor habit of staying up way too late.  It's 1:22am.  Good night morning!

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Confusing Me.

I don't think I was clear at all earlier today when I posted the Hallmark giveaway.  I made it sound like you have to go to my other blog to enter, but what I meant to say, is:

THIS GIVEAWAY IS FOR YOU!  I saved a bundle of Hallmark stuff just for a Just Pure Lovely reader.  (You are also welcome to try to win the one, too, by going there).

Click here to see the giveaway post  to enter.

Giveaway. From Hallmark. To You. (or you)

Hallmark sent me a couple of journals and a passle of cards from their Kids Collection a couple of weeks ago.   I posted the giveaway for 2 sets to my readers, but had to save a bundle for a Just Pure Lovely reader, too (you're welcome to enter and win both!).Hallmark journal1 
From Hallmark:

So, it goes without saying that everyone needs to be cheered on now and then – kids included. Whether it’s school, sports or trying to make new friends, the children in our lives are on a journey of growth and self-exploration. Few things are more helpful to kids than the support of a parent or grown-up who believes in them and is there with a few heartfelt words of encouragement.
But sometimes, what kids hear “goes in one ear and out the other,” meaning that kids are often missing out on something they really need: encouraging words. In fact, Hallmark research revealed that the moms they surveyed think they are encouraging their children all the time, but in the moments when their kids most needed encouragement, the kids didn’t feel like it was there.
To help grown-ups better connect with and encourage kids, Hallmark recently introduced the all-new Kids Collection, a line of cards and gifts designed specifically to cheer kids on, cheer them up and make them smile. You can check out some of Hallmark’s Kids Collection. There, you’ll see a sampling of the gifts and cards that are available for grown-ups to share with the kids in their lives. Within the line, there are cards appropriate for children falling within your kids’ age range, so I thought it might be something you’d like to share with them for their feedback.

Hallmark card2 

So, want some  stuff, too? As I said before, Hallmark is giving away a JOURNAL and a BUNDLE of CARDS to one of you (you get to choose if you'd like the journal for a girl or a boy)!

How to Enter?  You can enter a few different ways:

1. The Easy Peasy Way:  Say you want one in the comments below.

2. Tweet this giveaway.

3. Facebook this giveaway.

4. Blog this giveaway.

Only one entry per method per day, okay? That would equal 4 entries per day (one entry per method x 4 methods = 4 total, got it?). And, only US addresses this time (sorry!). will select the winner.  Deadline:  Thursday, April 15th, 2010, at noon CST, so you'll have time to finish your taxes afterward.  Right?

p.s. Hallmark is offering a free Kids Collection card to all of you.  You'll have to go to a Hallmark store by May 30, 2010.

True Random Number Generator


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Congratulations, Ann!

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Word Art

It was fun to go to Wordle tonight, type the Just Pure Lovely blog address, and see this:

2010 04 wordle colorful Obviously, I've been chatting away about Spring and the puppy lately!  (I think Wordle only captured the current home page).

Here is is in a different colour (I clicked on "randomize"):

2010 04 jpl wordle black

Good gravy, it's a fun and addictive site!  Go see what you can create: @Wordle.  You may insert your own text or a website address.

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Where I've Been...

Hi! I'm just popping in to say a quick hello. My childhood friend is visiting this week. She is the most insanely fun person I've ever known. Life is a HOOT when I'm with Katie!

Yesterday we kayaked for a few hours --- spending most of the time on a bank, enjoying some chatting time without our little interruptors.

Today, we visited my quaint little town, antiquing with our 12 and 13yo girls.

Then, we went to the beach with our families, taking the kayaks along so Katie and I could kayak into the sunset. After that, we hit some touristy shops for t-shirts and sweatshirts, then to Sonic for burgers and shakes until 11pm.

I'm soooooo tired, but enjoying my lifelong friend and her beautiful family.

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On Writing to Remember

I wish you would write to yourself, young mama.  I know it doesn't seem like you ever could forget, but you will.  You will forget so many things, like what she said today or what he did today, and you'll even forget how you felt today. 

When you are a mother of school-aged kids, you'll miss those babies and you'll wish you could remember more. I'm at that stage now.  Mothers of college-aged kids and grown kids have often told me to seize the moments I'm in.  I know I should.

I wish you would write, too, mama of school kids (me included!).  I wish you would write, college-kids' and grown-kids' mama. I wish you would write, too, grandma of little grandkids.

It doesn't have to be a big production. We can make it happen.  Although we really don't need yet another thing to do, let's write anyway, for the sake of our future self who wishes she could remember it all.

Set a pretty journal (a cheap spiral notebook is pretty enough) and pen in a handy spot - on  the nightstand, in the rocking chair pocket, on the mantle, in the Kitchen Aid mixing bowl (it's clean, right?). 

Grab it whenever the thought strikes, or when a kid says something cute, or when the baby is the most adorable thing ever and you're sure your heart will burst. 

Grab that pen and write your future self a note.   You'll be thankful that you did.


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