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A Morning with Daddy

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

Last week, we spent some time searching for the perfect Christmas tree at a local tree farm ....

image from www.flickr.com

Christmas Tree Farm

image from www.flickr.com

image from www.flickr.com

What a tough decision!  We ended up choosing a live tree, as in, one growing in a bucket instead of in the ground (aren't they both "live," though?).  On December 26th, my man will plant it in the backyard alongside Christmas Tree 2008, which is currently adorned in red lights. 

This year, we bought a golden cypress, somewhat like the solo tree above.  Last year, we got a Caroline Sapphire, like those in the top photo.  Our plan is to keep buying live Christmas trees - a different variety each time - to put in our flower garden so that when the flowers die back, at least something is still pretty.  Eventually, we'll have a wee forest of Christmas trees to light up (hopefully not with red lights - that was absolutely not my decision).

The thing is, to make our plans work, I cannot forget to water the tree while it's in the house.  Right.  As if that's easy to remember in the busy holiday season. 

Did you get your tree already?