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A Mouse

Working with Clay

If you dig into our riverbank, under the white sand, past some brown sand, you might be lucky enough to find a handful of clay.  Not red clay like you'd find any old place in Alabama or Georgia, but smooth, pure clay worthy of an artist's kiln. 

We don't have a kiln.  Or an artist.  But we do have that nice clay, so every now and then the kids dig some up and get to working with it.  Here, our 11yo ballerina is making a palm tree ('scuze the chipped blue nail polish, would ya?  it's art.  you know.)...

Clay Tree 1 by you.

Clay Tree 2 by you.

She already has the woodland critters and the fairy person ready...

Clay Work by you.

And now, a beautiful palm tree for the woodland creatures...

Clay Tree 3 by you.

And a - huh? - why, this is a nest worthy of Horton

Clay Tree 4 by you.

I didn't see that coming, but manage to swallow my snicker.  Our ballerina's big brother isn't so good at hiding his...

Big Brother      

Once he stops laughing, he offers a suggestion, because he's sure - he's always absolutely sure - that his sister wants to hear every one of his suggestions.

Big Brother

I can't remember what our big fella suggested, but I'm glad our ballerina keeps the Horton-sized nest how it is.  I can't wait to see what hatches from those eggs!

Clay Creation by you.