I'm Pretty Crazy About Cowboys
Busyness is the Enemy of Contentment

So you can't read the posts I write in my head?

Here I am, looking at Just Pure Lovely, and seeing only a cowboy I posted about a week ago.  That's funny...I've written about slingshots and ballet recitals and spinning, and dyeing wool since then. I feel like I've been blogging a-plenty lately. I have, you know.  In my head.  It's the thing I do while I sweep, wash dishes, dig in the garden...any time my hands are busy with the things I know well (like cleaning!), my mind is then free and if it's not fretting (I do try to avoid that), it's blogging.  The thing is, obviously, that blogging in one's head is not the same as actually blogging.

Sorry. I must've forgotten that. 

Egrets, I think. In the farmer's field. 

I'm off to do school with the kids now (don't tell them that summers are for no school - we take off in the spring and fall when I like the weather better), so will post later.  I'll blog outside of my head next time, okay?