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If I Could Be 5 Again, I'd Live Like She Does...

swinging4 by you.

Every morning, if she wakes up first, she greets me with "It's a beauuuuuutiful day today, don't ya know?" 

I often linger in bed, waiting for her to come.  If I get up too early, I miss it.

swinging6 by you.

We call her our gypsy girl, our free spirit, our flower child. People who meet her often say the same without our input. 

She dresses herself.  That's obvious, right?  Only when we go to town do I choose her clothes.  Those are the moments of our only arguments. She has definite fashion sense (sense?) and doesn't agree with what I think matches. 

Her hair is free-flowing, it won't obey and stay in the various hair accessories I try to keep it up in.  She prefers it that way, so I think she helps the hair ties "slip" off.

She draws several pictures each day.  On the back of every single one of them is written, "MOM DAD I LOVE YOU," even if the drawing is only for one of us - or for a brother or sister.

She sings almost constantly.  She sings songs from Jesus Loves Me to Miley Cyrus songs to theme songs from preschool shows to Amazing Grace.  She absorbs the songs she hears throughout the day; the songs seep into her like they do none of the rest of us.

And best of all, she is happy.

swinging1 by you.

Yep.  If I could be 5 again, I'd live life just like she does.  Freely, creatively, giving.  Happily.