Handmade Holidays
Snow on the Coast

Holiday Decorating? Done. Well, one thing is.

nativity set by you.

There you have it.  That's all the Christmas decorating we've done so far. 

setting up the nativity set by you.

Okay, it's all the Christmas decorating she's done so far.  I mean, we haven't done any, either, but I can't take credit for the nativity setup.  She wouldn't allow it.  She sets it up just so each day (or whenever a little person or animal is out of place) and then...

belle with nativity set by you.

...she folds her hands and smiles every-so-slightly, just like Mary.  They both gaze at Baby Jesus.  And when I'm there to see it, I sigh.  Contentedly.  I like seeing her show a bit of reverence to Baby Jesus, even if it is just a copycat move (how else do these little ones learn?).  And I'm glad that she can put everyone in the right places now.  When the set came in the mail, people and animals were all over the place, more like Fisher Price Little People than a One to Believe nativity set.  We had to read the (included) little booklet to remind her of the Christmas story. 

Monday, we'll go to the local tree farm and select our Christmas tree. We're waiting until the blue skies return and when everyone else will be in school and at work (unemployment has its advantages).  Besides, Monday will be 50 degrees, not 70.   We need a cold (-ish) day to choose our tree. 

Until then, we'll enjoy our little gal's nativity set as our only Christmas decoration.  Have you decorated yet?

p.s. If you want a nativity set like this, too, click on One to Believe's photo of it below, to visit their online store.  They also have other neat toys, most are Fisher Price or Papo -like, but with a Biblical theme, like Jonah and Samson figurines)...

Tales of Glory Nativity Set

p.s.s. The little deer isn't in the set.  Our little gal added that from her own animals-in-a-tube set. You know the ones?  I'm glad she didn't add a few creatures from the boys' dinosaurs-in-a-tube set.  Maybe deer saw Baby Jesus that night, too.  But dinosaurs??