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Where I'm From

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, to all of you mamas out there, and, hey, to me, too!

The above was taken June 2007 (sadly, the last time we've been together):  my own mama in the green top (Happy Mom's Day, Mom!), my sister-in-law standing and her two girls (pink hat, and pink dress), and my girls (yellow dress and green dress in the back) with me.  These are all the granddaughters on my side of the family, but we're missing our California sister-in-law in the photo.

Back to today: 

I got breakfast in bed this morning, served by a 10yo at 8:16am.  Strawberry-banana smoothie and really sugary cinnamon toast.  Can you think of a better breakfast than that? 

My badly-sprained-ankle still won't bear any weight at all on it and is still swollen and rather bluish-looking.  Tomorrow will have been a week since my trip on the stairs.  I appreciate the permission to lay around and do computer stuff all day, but even that gift is starting to get really old.  I want to see my chickens and my goats and my kayak, all three of which are way down the steep backyard hill, and I can't yet get to there. 

Did I just complain again?  About getting to lay around


Complaining is easy.  This morning another grumble crossed my thoughts when I creaked out of bed and the blood rushed to my bad ankle (ouch).  I quickly reminded myself of how blessed I am.  I've seen a nice doctor in his clean office, I have a clean bed with lots of blankets and pillows, I have an ice maker for ice packs, I even have a pharmacy only 3 miles away and a way to get there (er, a way for my man to get there - I can't yet drive with this ankle).  As I hobbled on crutches down the hallway, I passed our sleeping little gal.  She looked so peaceful and warm and safe.  My blessings are so great that it would take all day to list them.

It occured to me, then:  How utterly, blessedly blessed I am, to be an American who is hurt.  Imagine how hard it must be for a hurt mama in a war-torn or poverty-stricken country where things are dirty and life is hard and your babies aren't warm and safe. 

So, to all the mamas out there who will never read this because they cannot get Internet where they are, I'd love to say, if I could: 

Happy Mother's Day to you, too.  I'm thinking about you today.