Project: Turning a Child's Art into Embroidery
Project: A Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt Top

Embroidery Inspiration

These sites have inspired me to pick up my embroidery hoop, needle and thread again:

Dacia Ray embroidered a beautiful bird quilt.  It is such an inspiring project!  Go here to see the Martha Stewart article that inspired Dacia Ray.

These line drawings of Wildflowers can easily be used as embroidery patterns, provided by the Umatilla National Forest.

And....something that makes me tingle all the way down to my toes and then shiver with glee are these old French embroidery books which some kind soul (bless 'em!) scanned and uploaded for us.  Click on each book to see different monograms.  One has (oh, my!)  borders and one has other designs.  Beautiful stuff!  I'm making an "S" from one of these books on blue linen.  Hmm, I'll have to blog a photo of that progress soon.

But this time, how about some gourds we grew in our garden?

They are on a cast iron holder we got in Mexico.  I hung it on a wall in my studio* for inspiration:

gourds copy

*studio = My loose (so very loose) term for the back of our garage, behind my man's lumber and guy tools, where I created a nook to create things by myself and with our (messy) children.   Calling it a "studio" makes me feel more creative, but don't let yourself conjure up images of perfection!  We're just us.  Which means, we're happy we can actually walk through the garage.